More air during sleep and exercise

Allows you excellent air flow for optimal nasal breathing.

noson® nasal dilator

Noson® gently spreads the nostrils from the inside and thus improves nasal breathing.
With increased oxygen saturation in the blood, the body burns fats, carbohydrates and proteins more effectively to produce carbon dioxide and water.

The flexible spring wire construction can be optimally adapted to any nose shape. It gives the wearer great security during physical exertion and while sleeping. The soft silicone pads adapt very well to the unevenness of the nasal cavity and thus ensure optimal distribution of pressure. They ensure that the Noson® fits well intranasally and does not lose its grip.

Why noson®?

Oxygen is the accelerator of our body functions.

Due to the improved combustion, more energy is supplied to the body, which are essential for metabolism and all cells in the body.

Improve sleep quality

Physical and mental performance increase

Gently spreading of the nose wings

More efficient during sport thanks to optimized oxygen supply

Increased blood oxygen levels

Ergonomic design ensures a secure fit during sports

Take the self-test!

How does the self-test work?

Functional tightness can be identified using the Cottle-maneuver. Place one or two fingertips on your cheeks on either side of your nose. Gently press and pull it outwards. This temporarily stabilizes the nasal valve.

What does the self-test prove?

If this makes it easier for you to breathe in through your nose, the nasal breathing difficulty is probably in the nasal valve at the front of your nose. 

It proves that your breathing can be improved by stabilizing the nostrils as the nasal valves can no longer collapse.

Review by Prof. Dr. Med. Kurt Tschopp

“With Noson®, my nostrils expand and are stabilized. I have at least 50% more air. Mouth breathing is now hardly necessary anymore. I no longer go on a bike tour without Noson® and turn back when I forget it. I can recommend Noson® to all endurance athletes who have a narrow, narrow nose. With Noson® you will achieve a huge improvement in nasal breathing. The best nasal dilator. Thank you again for the Noson®!”

Highest quality standards, swiss made & handmade

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